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Valentine's Section
Learn to make fun Valentine's Day Crafts
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Heart Cookies

You Need:

  • Roll of pre-made sugar cookie dough (or your own sugar cookie recipe prepared)
  • Jam, jelly or preserves in raspberry, strawberry or cherry flavors
  • Powdered sugar
  • Tools: rolling pin, cookie cutters 1 large heart and 1 small heart, strainer or sifter for sifting powdered sugar (optional: baking rack, waxed paper)

Roll out cookie dough (to thickness recommended on package) and cut into large heart shapes. On half of cookies cut small heart out of center of large heart.

Bake according to cookie package directions. Let cool slightly. Separate the cookies with holes away from the cookies without holes.

While cookies are still warm not hot, sift powdered sugar only over the cookies with holes in the center... Click here for complete instructions.

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