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Toothpick Treasure Box

 You Need:

    • Toothpicks 146 perfect ones to make box, a few extra for spreading glue (square-edge toothpicks work best)
    • Glue (white glue or tacky glue)


Make sure to cover surface that your working on, this project can get messy.

Be sure to use only perfect and straight (not warped) toothpicks for your box. Any rejects can be used as glue spreaders or for other projects.


Pour out a little glue. (We recommend using a something disposable-a shallow dish or plate-preferrably something recycled) Using an extra toothpick as a glue spreader (or a very small paintbrush); spread glue along one edge of first toothpick, adhere second toothpick to first. Spread glue on outside edge of second toothpick; adhere third toothpick. Continue in this manner gluing and adhering toothpicks until you have a row of 31 toothpicks all lined up.


Spread glue on top of the first toothpick on the base (only) and place a toothpick on top of it ("A" sides). (See illustration) .Do the same with the last toothpick in the row on the base (other "A" side). Now, spread glue on edge of another toothpick and place it so that it crosses over both of the toothpicks you just placed ("B" sides). Do the same on the other "B" side of the box (like building a log cabin). Continue in this manner; spreading glue on top of top toothpick and adding another toothpick to each of the "A" sides then do the same with each of the "B" sides, back to "A's" then back to "B's", etc. until you have 15 on the "A" sides and 14 on the "B" sides. Let dry.





Make another row of toothpicks the same way you created the bottom of the box. This row should be 33 toothpicks long. Let dry. Glue and attach 5 toothpicks crosswise on each side of the top of box ("B" sides)--the fifth toothpick should hang off the edge its full width. To do this; you need to glue the first toothpick right at the edge and glue three more to the inside of it and one toothpick to the outside of it. (See illustration). Let set a few minutes. Carefully turn lid over. Spread glue and on first and last toothpick in row of 33, attach toothpick on top of this ("A" sides). Glue and attach more toothpicks on top of these new toothpicks until you have 3 toothpicks on top of the first and last toothpick in the row of 33. Now attach the crosswise-side toothpicks ("B" sides). Spread glue on the toothpick that hung over the edge of the top on each side and attach four toothpicks on top of that. Let dry.




Box Bottom: 31 toothpicks

A Sides of Bottom: 15 toothpicks (each side)

B Sides of Bottom: 14 toothpicks (each side)

Box Top: 33 toothpicks

A Sides of Top: 3 toothpicks (each side)

B Sides of Top: 4 toothpicks (each side)

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