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 Heart Necklace

Special thanks to our daughter who made the "yellow heart necklace".

You Need:
      • Non-toxic polymer modeling clay made to be dried (Ex. Fimo, Sculpey, etc.)
      • Thin ribbon, string, or yarn*
      • Needle with large eye (the duller the needle the better)*
      • Toothpicks
      • Cookie sheet, tinfoil
      • Clear acrylic spray


To use polymer clays like Fimo or Sculpey, first you must warm them up a bit in your hand and knead them a bit to soften up. To make the beads just roll out as many uniform-size balls as you want beads . Take a toothpick and insert it genly through each bead to make a hole for the string to go through. Set them all on a foil-lined cookie sheet. Next roll a small amount of clay about 2"w x 2"h x 1/4"d. Using a small heart cookie cutter (or clay cutter or cut freehand) shape of a small heart. Insert toothpick in one side and out the other of heart to create a hole for the string. (Place hole a little closer to the top of the heart to keep the heart from turning over on the string once made.) Place on foil-lined cookie sheet with beads.

Heat in oven according to manufacturers directions. Cool completely.

Taking a small box press a bunch of holes in it to insert toothpicks in to set beads on to be sprayed. Make sure holes are far enough apart that beads will not be touching. Spray with acrylic spray according to manufacturers directions. Let dry.

Using needle with large eye, string beads on ribbon to desired length and tie with pretty bow.

*Small children should not wear necklaces made from ribbon, string or yarn as this could present a strangulation hazard. Also small children should not use needles to string beads but should have an adult assist them.

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