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Easter Baskets

You Need:

  • Sheets of wallpaper samples* (see instructions for specifications)
  • Paperboard (board from cereal boxes and shirt boxes)
  • Glue (glue stick or tacky glue) other glues dry too fast or slow




First, cut two 6-1/2" circles from the paperboard; we used a cereal bowl as a template. Draw your circle on the printed side so it won't show when assembled.

Select your wallpaper samples. (Stay away from extra thick wallpapers). You will need 18 pieces that are 2-1/2" x 8" (these are the up and down spines). You will need 6 pieces 2-1/2" x 14" (these are the bands that will be woven around; we tried to make these all the same pattern). You will need two pieces that are 2-1/2 x 16-1/2 (these are for the handle). You also need to cut a 6-1/2" wallpaper circle.


Folding and Gluing strips:

Fold the 18 ------2-1/2 x 8" pcs. in thirds (see illustration) and glue shut.

Take the 6 ------ 2-1/2 x 14" pcs. and glue two pieces end to end overlapping about 1" (making 3 strips 2-1/2 x 27"). Then fold in thirds and glue shut.

Glue the two pieces that are 2-1/2" x 16-1/2" end to end overlapping about 2" (making one long strip for the handle) fold in thirds and glue shut.

Let strips dry.





First, put a piece of paperboard with the clean blank side FACE DOWN. Then, glue the ends of the long handle strip to the center of the paperboard circle (you will be gluing your handle to the ugly printed side of the paperboard but this will be covered up later). The handle pieces should meet in the center. (see illustration)

Next, glue the 8" strips to the circle (2" on the circle 6" extending beyond the circle). Glue 9 strips on each side of the circle overlapping a bit; spacing out to be even. Do the same on the other side of the circle with the other 9 strips.

Glue the second cardboard circle on top of the strips and the first circle. Next glue the wallpaper circle on top of these. Let dry.


Now, you'll need to first gently bend up (right at the point where the circle ends) each of the 18 strips to crease them for easier weaving.

Glue the first 27" strip to the inside of the handle, then bring it in front of the first 8" strip; behind the next; in front of the next and so on until you get to the next handle strip. (Pull the strip a little to tighten up the basket and make sure it is meeting the base of the basket). Glue it to the inside of the handle and continue weaving starting with outside the next strip and so on until you get all the way around the basket to the starting point. (Again, pull the strip to tighten making sure it meets the base).Glue the strip to the starting point and trim away any excess.

Glue the second 27" strip to the outside of the handle, then weave behind the first strip, in front of the next, etc.opposite of what you did with the first strip (see illustration) until you get to the handle on the other side (make sure to do your tightening and push down a little on the strip to make sure it meets the first strip). Then, put a little glue on the handle where the strip will go. Weave your strip behind the next 8" strip, etc. till you get back to the outside of the first handle /starting point (tighten it up). Glue the strip in place and trim.

The third strip goes exactly like the first one did. (except it tightens down to the second strip, of course, not the base of the basket)


Trim all the strips on the outside to 1". Trim all the inside strips even with the basket. Fold over the outside strips to the inside and glue down. Glue the inside strip in place too. If the centers of the strips tend to open up. Insert a little glue inside them and press down.

Let your basket dry .


*Most wallpaper stores are happy to give away their discontinued sample books. (Be sure to call ahead and make sure they have some.)


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