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Halloween Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips to help you while trick or treating.

- Wear light colored costumes to be visible in the dark.
- Add reflectors to your costume.
- Make sure costumes aren't too long (to avoid tripping).
- Use makeup or facepaints (no masks).
- Use non-toxic and hypoallergenic facepaints.
- Secure hats (to keep out of eyes).
- Carry a flashlight.
- Make sure all costume accessories are safe and flexible (no sharp or pointy edges).
- Walk on the sidewalk and cross only at corners.
- Trick or treat only in familiar areas.
- Walk do not run.
- Keep costumes away from pumpkins lit with candles.
- Go with Mom or Dad or a Buddy (never go alone).
- Never go into a home or apartment building without an adult.
- Only trick or treat houses with outdoor lights on.
- Never get into a stranger's car.
- Set a specific time for children to be home.
- Give children money to phone home if needed.
- Thoroughly check all candy and discard any questionable pieces
(many police agencies offer free x-raying of candy on Halloween).

Be careful * Be smart * Be safe!

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