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Paperbag Scarecrow

You Need:

- small and medium brown paper bags
- asstd. colored paper
- markers, crayons
- newspaper
- tape


Assemble body by stuffing medium brown paper bag with crumpled newspaper. Fold the top closed and tape it shut. Assemble head by filling small paper bag with more crumpled newspaper about 2/3 full. Twist and tape shut. Make a hole in the body to insert the twisted end of the head into. Tape into place. Cut arms and legs out of brown paper and glue or tape to body. Make "hay" by cutting paper bags into thin strips about2-3" long (longer for hair). Glue "hay" around neck, wrists and ankles. Also glue longer strips to head for hair. Decorate using markers or crayons and colored paper to create a face for your scarecrow and patches for his clothes.

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