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Spooky Surprise Box

You Need:

- box (medium size)
- paint, paper, glitter and other decorating materials
- warm grapes, wet spaghetti, sticks, jello, plastic spiders, bugs,etc.

Cut a hole in side of box about 2-3" and another 4-5" on the opposite end. Decorate the box any way you wish. One person stands at the larger hole opening exchanging "suprises" while players take turns putting their hand in the smaller opening. As they go along the person working the box says things like, "these are skeleton bones" (sticks), "eyeballs" (warm grapes), " brains" (wet spaghetti), "guts" (jello warmed to room temperature), spiders or bugs (plastic spiders or bugs) . Make sure to have plenty of papertowels on hand if using jello. Also be sure that the bowls you use to put things in the box fit before starting the game.

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